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Exclusive interviews, previews, and classic Mutant Popcorn

Mutant Popcorn #8

Mannequin, Space Camp, and more

Tip of the Spear

Christian Cameron in conversation with S.J. Morden

Hope Is a Discipline

Ruthanna Emrys in conversation with Kelly Jennings

An Interview with John Possidente

Influences, voice, and finishing what you start

Mutant Popcorn #7

Explorers, Breaking the Code, and the genius of Tarkovsky

An Interview with Daniel Bennett

East City, writing, and James Sallis

An Interview with Tim Major

Stories, themes, and getting to space with BBC Micros

Mutant Popcorn #6

Nick Lowe on Street of Crocodiles and Invaders from Mars

Mutant Popcorn #5

Nick Lowe on Highlander, Static, and Aliens

Mutant Popcorn #4

Nick Lowe on Enemy Mine and Clan of the Cave Bear

Mutant Popcorn #3

The Quiet Earth, A Zed and Two Noughts, & more

An Interview with Jeff Noon

A conversation about stories, influences, and more

A Review of All That’s Lost

Georgina Bruce on Ray Cluley’s new collection

Mutant Popcorn #2

Nick Lowe on sf theatre and Impact Theatre Cooperative

An Interview with Brian Herbert

Collaborations, Family, and the future of Dune

An Interview with Kevin J. Anderson

Dune, Neil Peart, and climbing mountains

A Review of Black Mouth

Georgina Bruce on Ronald Malfi’s new novel

An Interview with Gareth L. Powell

Starting out, getting established, and reaching the big leagues

An Interview with Chloe Smith

A conversation about writing, research, and more

Mutant Popcorn #1

Nick Lowe’s first serving, right here on IZD

The Sadness of Entropy

Alexander Glass on ghosts, in many forms

An Interview with Stark Holborn

A conversation about quiet trees, games, and more